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This version includes the following updates:

  • Text-to-Speech - After typing your message, click the bullhorn icon (or just press Ctrl + Enter after typing your message) and the message will be sent to the other user and be read to them out loud
  • Right-Click "Resend-As-Speech" - Right-click on a message and choose Resend-as-Speech, and it will
  • Duplicate Msg Beep icon - Mom wanted the Msg Beep icon back on the main toolbar, so it is now in both places (it is the same button in two places)

  • Right-Click "Copy Msg Txt to Clipboard" - Right-click on a message and choose this and the message text will be copied to clipboard ready for pasting anywhere
  • Drag-and-Drop File Upload - In your file manager, just drag an image file and drop it on the text entry field and your photo will be uploaded to the channel
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Welcome to Oui Xat (WeChat). To join, you must do two things:
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  2. Agree to notification messages. This allows us to notify you when new users come online, or when new messages arrive and you are looking at a different web page. You cannot use this system without agreeing to accept notifications. (If using Brave/Chrome, you can specify to only accept Notifications for today, or until you close this browser tab, or for this week, etc.)


Notification permissions can be can be easily changed. Click here to see how easily. Honestly, I am making too much of this - of course you need the notifications, it's a chat system.
Please create a username for yourself below:
Please provide an email address if you wish to be notified of new chat messages after you have been inactive for 10 minutes.

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